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I’m Jillur Rahman founder of DevsSquad, I’ve been working on web design and development since 2010 for helping people to build their website, manage and develop functionality. I’ve built more than thousands of websites in my whole career. Throw development purpose I have met with lot’s of clients and handled many different cases, in while I have seen lots of common questions comes from clients and have their mind, the interesting part is that both are some: how can I start, what I need to start, don’t have any idea, I’m not technician etc.

That’s why I have decided to create a web platform that will have answer all questions for creating websites and have an easy step-by-step guideline for what we need to do to create a website by self widout any coding and technical knowledge. And I’m very happy to say you can live contact with us about your questions and problem.

Our mission is to make easy website concept for everyone and help people to build, manage & update their website by self without having any coding knowledge.

We are the only people that give free live support for beginners & help to make there website and ideas

When an ordinary people can think to build a website they face a lot of problems, and he is facing many questions.
How to build? Where can I build? I’m not a technical person etc
About those problems, we think to give free live support for beginner and help them from beginner to end.

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